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Cash Loans In Kirkland Washington & Beyond

Do you need to take out a loan? At Yuppie Pawn Shop we offer cash loans for your collateral, to get you fast cash when you need it. For all your personal, business, or emergency cash needs, we are here to help. No credit checks – we mean what we say. Hassle free, flexible loans. Just bring in your item and be in and out in as little as 10 minutes. In MOST cases, you will qualify to borrow from us. We do not need to see any documentation stating how much you make, pay stubs, financial statements, etc. You come in, we give you the loan.
Cash Loans — Pawn Shop in Kirkland, WA
Our collateral loans, means you leave your item and walk out with cash instantly. Bring us your Gold, Rolex's, Power Tools, hunting equipment and Motorcycles…and you walk out minutes later with money in hand. Reasonable offers are definitely considered.
Paying Back the Loan In order to get your piece of collateral back, you will need to pay back your loan plus fees and interest back within 90 days. Loans are able to be redone if longer time is required. Call for more information.
*Interest and fees vary depending on item and length of loan time.
However, if you do not pay the money back, no harm, no foul, we will keep your item and put it up for sale.


Loan Amount:
$100 loan
Payback Amount:
30 days or less - $122
31-60 days - $131
61-90 days - $140
91> loan prices vary
Visit Yuppie Pawn Shop today to get your fast and easy loan. Call us for more details.