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About Yuppie Pawn in Kirkland, WA

Yuppie Pawn is a family owned and operated business serving the Greater Eastside and surrounding communities for 25 years. We had no idea what we were getting into, but we decided to give it a go and hope for the best. We are a member of The Washington State Pawnbrokers Association and National Pawnbrokers Association. Seeing many changes over the years, Yuppie Pawn Shop Inc has become a vital part of Kirkland, and a great place to find hidden treasures. From jewelry to motorcycles, we take and offer it all!

85% of our customers pick up their collateral. We really do value our customers and want them to keep their special and precious belongings.
"Military Lending Act (MLA)"

Yuppie Pawn enthusiastically extends to our Active Military, a Reduced Rate of 36% (per the MLA), when provided with Active Military ID, and the Borrower's Social Security Number.
We pride ourselves on being a clean, safe, and friendly pawn shop here to help our customers buy, sell, and lend to aid their financial means.
  • The Yuppie Pawn Shop is a member of
  • The Washington State Pawnbrokers Association
  • National Pawnbrokers Association
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